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About us

Welcome to Via Quadronno located on the UES of Manhattan, an Italian restaurant best known for our cappuccino and panini sandwiches. We're located just off Central Park at Madison Ave. & 73rd St., Our menu is extensive enough to impress both, tourists and locals. If you're up early,  join us for an adorably decorated cappuccino and a chocolate croissant.

Featuring a full dining menu, homemade desserts, amazing gelato and wines. Our made to order paninis are served semplici – composed of a single ingredient on freshly baked bread, as open-faced sandwiches, or alla Milanese. You can also sample our standout Lasagna Bolognese, home-style rendition of the original classic from Bologna.

Our chefs use only fine ingredients that include high-quality cured meats, truffles, artisanal cheeses and homemade pastas. One visit is all it takes to determine why VQ has become the locals, celebs and New York’s dining critics’ favorite.


Monday - Friday 8 AM – 10 PM
Breakfast 8 AM - Lunch 11 AM - Dinner 5 PM
Saturday 9 AM – 10 PM
Sunday Closed

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25 E. 73rd St., off Madison Ave. NYC

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The name of Via Quadronno comes from a little street in the Porta Romana District in northern Italian City of Milano. For locals, the name brings back memories of legendary proportions because in the late sixties some “very special” panini’s were being prepared by a young former baker named Guiseppe Tusi at the “Bar Quadronno”. These panini’s became such a sensation that even the most upscale clientele, including glamorous regulars from Galleria del Duomo and San Babila, could not resist visiting.

In 1983, Giuseppe Tusi left Bar Quadronno and opened his own paninoteca named “Bar Crocetta”, located in Largo della Crocetta. The then quite established Giuseppe Tusi came with us to America in 1999, as a consultant, to help start Via Quadronno in NYC and the rest is history!

Legend Of The
Flying Boar

In Italy, Cinghiale (wild boar) meat is considered the finest sort of game, and Prosciutto di Cinghiale is a delicacy accorded much the same respect as the truffle. Individuals and companies that treat and cure the boar always leave its fur on the external skin, to distinguish it from ordinary pork (it is also much more costly). In 2013, the US has lifted the ban on Italian cured meats and boar prosciutto.